Jackass Star Johnny Knoxville Reflects on Grim Penis Injury a Decade Later

As fans of the Jackass franchise know the stars of the iconic comedy-stunt series have had their fair share of injuries. Just this week we learned that one star suffered "broken wrist, broken rib, concussion and brain hemorrhage" from one stunt in the new movie, but that's just one in a long list. With over twenty years of footage to their names there's a lot of medical bills, potentially in the tens of millions of dollars, there's still some that are more memorable than others. Speaking in a new interview with Variety, Johnny Knoxville reflected on the time that he gravely injured his groin, or his gym dog.

"I broke my gym dog a number of years ago," Knoxville said to the outlet. "That's been well documented. So much has been said about so little....The doctor said a couple centimeters down and it would've been out of commission... But I've had two children since then, so it's in great working order. That's too much information." The injury was dissected by Knoxville previously in an interview with Vanity Fair back in 2018 where he went through all of his major injuries.

To add some insult to injury, Knoxville's groin injury wasn't even for MTV's Jackass but instead Mat Hoffman's Tribute to Evel Knievel. At the time Knoxville said that he wasn't scheduled to even do a stunt for the special but when he arrived on set and saw "everyone was having so much fun" he decided to jump a motorcycle, even though he doesn't ride motorcycles "that well."

"Sometimes when people are explaining how to do something to me before a stunt, I'm not listening because I just wanna do the stunt," Knoxville told VF four years ago. "I tried it three or four times. Each time, it seems like I was less committed, and on the fourth time, I come up the end of the ramp, let go of the bike, launches 20 something feet in the air, and I fall back down on my back and my knees are behind my ears when I fall.

He continued, "And right at that time, the motorcycle comes down and breaks its handlebars off of my crotch, and that was a lot of impact, but I stood up and I felt like I was peeing myself. Every time my heart would beat, blood would shoot out the end of my penis, and I walked over to the medic on set, and I said 'Is this alright?' And he said 'Son, we have to get you to the hospital right now because you may be bleeding internally.'...Yeah, that was a weird injury."

Jackass Forever is scheduled to be released in theaters on February 4th.