David Dastmalchian Reacts to James Gunn's DC Plans: "There's No Better Person to Be Steering the Ship"

David Dastmalchian is one of the many actors that's kept a consistent presence in James Gunn's inner circle, often appearing in projects the filmmaker has directed. Most recently, the Dark Knight alumnus appeared in Gunn's The Suicide Squad as Polka-Dot Man and, as one might expect, Dastmalchian is elated to know Gunn is running DC Studios alongside Peter Safran. In fact, the actor says there's nobody better for the job.

"When I read all of the stuff that he was doing, I couldn't sit still. I was looking at my phone because the article came up when he announced everything," Dastmalchian tells ComicBook.com's Chris Killian. "I was pacing around the house like everybody else out there who's a nerd like us, just like going 'Holy shit, awesome. Oh my God, look at that,' There's no better person to be steering the ship."

In addition to helping run DC Studios, Gunn is also serving as the writer and director of Superman: Legacy, the first live-action project set in the new DC Universe.

"Yes, I'm directing Superman: Legacy to be released on July 11, 2025. My brother Matt told me when he saw the release date he started to cry. I asked him why. He said, 'Dude, it's Dad's birthday.' I hadn't realized," Gunn wrote on Twitter earlier this month. "I lost my Dad almost three years ago. He was my best friend. He didn't understand me as a kid, but he supported my love of comics and my love of film and I wouldn't be making this movie now without him."

Gunn continued: "It has been a long road to this point. I was offered Superman years ago — I initially said no because I didn't have a way in that felt unique and fun and emotional that gave Superman the dignity he deserved. Then a bit less than a year ago I saw a way in, in many ways centering around Superman's heritage — how both his aristocratic Kryptonian parents and his Kansas farmer parents inform who he is and the choices he makes."

The DC Universe officially kicks off with Creature Commandos, which has yet to set a release date, and Superman: Legacy, which enters theaters July 11, 2025.

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