James Roday Rodriguez and Dule Hill on Adding New Members to the Psych Family

Today marks the Peacock debut of Psych the Movie 3: This is Gus. The movie, based on the USA Network series that ended in 2014. Originally set for a USA release, Psych: The Movie was one of the early hits for Peacock, and the franchise has become a reliable content of new movies for the NBCUniversal-owned streamer. In the third movie, Gus (Dule Hill) is ready to get married to his very pregnant fiancee, but as it turns out, she's also very married. This seems to happen to Gus a fair amount, since an impulsive wedding played a role in the Psych series when he had to go grant an engaged woman a divorce.

The movie, then, centers on Selene (Jazmyn Simon) and her estranged husband, Alan Decker (Allen Maldonado), and the mysterious backstory they have. It leads to solving a new mystery and kicking off a relationship that promises to shape future installments, as well. And of course, it meant a lot of screen time for the series' original stars with people they've never actually shared the screen with much, if at all.

"I think it's the perfect marriage of us wanting to create an environment where even though they've never been with us before, they feel like a member of the family, so that they can do their best work...and them recognizing that they're joining a group of people that have been doing this for a very, very long time and wanting to appreciate that and kind of honor that," franchise star James Roday Rodriguez told ComicBook. "If you can hit both of those things, then you're usually going to end up in a pretty good place. With Allen, luckily he and Dule had worked together on The Wonder Years pilot just a couple weeks before, and established a fun dynamic and a mutual respect. So at least he had a little bit of a lead-up, and a little bit of a breakdown in terms of what to expect. He was a gem, like he could not have been any better. He was a gentleman, he was fun to work with. He totally got, "Oh, this is where I fit in," and that was a beautiful thing. It's not always that way, so there's always a little bit of apprehension, but we got lucky. We get lucky quite a bit."

While Rodriguez spent a lot of screen time with Maldonado, it's kind of ironic that Hill had relatively little face time with Simon, who is his real-life wife.

"I love working with Jazmyn," Hill told us. "She's a phenomenal actress, a brilliant mind, and my amazing, real life wife. So anytime I get a chance to spend time on screen with her, we have fun. We have fun at home, we have fun there. So I look forward to getting to do it more, and I think that when we do, it'll be more wackiness that comes."

Psych the Movie 3: This is Gus is now available on Peacock.