Jamie Lee Curtis Pays Tributes to Knives Out Co-Star Ana de Armas

Knives Out hit theaters back in November and it's been a big topic of discussion during awards season. The movie managed to score one Oscar nom this year for Best Original Screenplay, earning Rian Johnson his first Academy Award nomination. One person who has been a huge champion of Johnson is Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays one of the film's many suspicious family members who Daniel Craig's character is sent to investigate. The actor best known for starring in Halloween has done everything from rocking a Rian Johnson themed shirt in support of the movie's Golden Globe nominations to gifting Johnson a dangerously delicious-looking candle. Now, she's moving on to praise another important person involved with the film: Ana de Armas.

“The entire movie @knivesout hangs on the slim but strong shoulders of @ana_d_armas . Her Marta grounds the film with true feeling and frustration and lets the rest of our real but helium buffoons float and bob and weave. She is the center of our doughnut. She is the oracle. She is everything,” Curtis wrote on Instagram.

Knives Out is "described as a modern take on the whodunit murder mystery" and "follows a family gathering gone horribly awry when the family's patriarch (Christopher Plummer) dies and two detectives (Craig and Lakeith Stanfield) are sent to investigate the scene." de Armas plays Marta Cabrera in the film, Plummer's character's nurse. Considering the star-studded cast, de Armas does an impressive job of stealing the show and even earned herself a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy. Here's the original post by Curtis:

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While Knives Out rests in a whole different category from Johnson's previous film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi - with one of their few similarities being a cameo from Frank Oz - the two do have a very unique connection. Johnson's first foray into writing and directing in the Star Wars universe, and the vitriolic backlash to it on social media, apparently influenced Knives Out in a unique way.


"Anyone who’s on Twitter these days, God bless you because it’s rough waters out there, but there’s also wonderful stuff about it. That’s why we’re all still on it I guess," Johnson told Deadline in November. "That’s one of the things [Knives Out] engages with, the current state of online culture. Whether you made a Star Wars movie or you have a cooking show, whatever you’re doing on there, someone’s going to be screaming at you about it probably. Let’s put it on a screen in a way we can all maybe have a laugh about it."

Knives Out is still playing in select theaters.