Jamie Lee Curtis Brings Her Signature Brand of Horror to Mother Nature Trailer

Mother Nature, a new graphic novel by horror legend Jamie Lee Curtis, has released its first trailer. Not only is Jamie Lee Curtis an accomplished actor, appearing in films like Everything Everywhere All At Once, but now she can add "graphic novel creator" to her lengthy resume. Mother Nature is adapted from the script of the upcoming horror movie of the same name by Comet Pictures and Blumhouse Productions, and is an eco-horror tale about a woman fighting back against a giant oil company. Joining Jamie Lee Curtis as co-writer of Mother Nature is filmmaker Russell Goldman and artist Karl Stevens. The trailer (which you can watch above) offers a glimpse at the thrilling story Titan Comics is delivering to fans when it goes on sale in July.

The description of Mother Nature reads, "Nova Terrell who, after witnessing her father die in mysterious circumstances on one of the Cobalt Corporation's experimental oil extraction projects, has grown up to despise the seemingly benevolent company that the town of Catch Creek, New Mexico, relies on for its jobs and prosperity. The rebellious Nova wages a campaign of sabotage and vandalism against the oil giant, until one night she accidentally makes a terrifying discovery about the true nature of the 'Mother Nature' project and the long-dormant, vengeful entity it has awakened that threatens to destroy them all."

Jamie Lee Curtis Talks Mother Nature Graphic Novel

"I first thought about this story when I was 19 years old," Jamie Lee Curtis said regarding Mother Nature. "I've always been aware of the very unbalanced relationship between humans and nature, and even though I was young, I always knew that, inevitably, nature would win."

She added, "I have long admired and collected Karl's work, and I'm very excited he suggested expanding the idea to turn it into a graphic novel. The partnership with Titan has now given us a wonderful platform to begin to tell our story."

"I was immediately blown away by the depth of the characters, the perfect blend of action and gore, the urgent ecological message, and how all these things would translate beautifully into a graphic novel," illustrator Karl Stevens said. "It's a joy and privilege to work with Titan Comics and Blumhouse on this project. I'm producing the best work of my career!"

"We wanted to reach deeper than the big picture doom-and-gloom of climate change narratives to tell a story specific to Four Corners, New Mexico, an amazing part of the world where every major source of energy is mined, and where the climate and resource crises are acutely felt," explained Russell Goldman. "We wanted to use these themes to shape a story that feels intense, honest and unexpectedly aspirational."

The hardcover of Mother Nature retails for $29.99 and goes on sale in July. You can pre-order it from your local comic shopForbidden Planet (UK and Europe), Amazon, and wherever books are sold.