Karl Urban Wants Fans To Create A Kickstarter For Dredd Sequel


At the "Bone Up" with Karl Urban Panel, which took place Saturday at the Motor City Comic Con, the actor was asked what one of his best experiences filming Dredd was. Urban then talked about how the whole experience was fun, aside from wearing the costume. While filming in Johannesburg, South Africa in late 2010, the actor dreaded (pun-intentional) putting the costume on because of the overwhelming heat mixed with the heavy, bulky costume he wore throughout filming. Another example of the fun Urban had filming was when Johannesburg police were blocking off streets while he sped the Lawmaster right pass them. He'd look over at the police and think to himself, "You can't pull me over" in a taunting fashion. When a panel attendee asked how he felt wearing a mask the whole time, Urban told a story about how he was talking with writer/ director Alex Garland, when Garland asked him how he felt wearing the mask throughout the whole move. Urban responded with "Mate, I wouldn't be sitting here reading the script with you if Dredd removed his mask." Urban has been a fan of Dredd for quite some time, stating that Dredd and Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns as some of his favorite comic books. After reading the script for Dredd, Urban talked to Garland and told him that Dredd talks in lists and not so much open dialogue. They eventually incorporated that into the script. Shortly after that, another fan asked Urban whether or not there would be a Dredd sequel. While he couldn't exactly say yes or no, the actor seemed optimistic about it saying that if he could personally fund it he would, but he can't. He makes it seem like there are talks about it, but there hasn't been anything written in stone quite yet. He then went on to say if they approached him for a Dredd sequel, he wouldn't turn it down. Urban then urged the panel attendees to create a Kickstarter for it.