Kevin Smith And Jay Mewes Share Masked-Up Photo From Flight

Traveling cross-country can be nervewracking in the best of times, but during a pandemic, doing so while part of a high-risk health category means you need to be really smart about how you do things. That's the position filmmaker Kevin Smith, who famously survived a massive heart attack just a couple of years ago, finds himself in, and so he and his "hetero lifemate" Jason Mewes are sharing photos of their trip to make sure fans know they're PPE'ed up and taking care of themselves as they travel to and from New Jersey from Smith's home in Los Angeles this week.

After a successful run in Los Angeles, Smith has opened a pop-up in Red Bank, New Jersey. had the chance to chat with Smith at the new location and he detailed what makes this spot different from the West Hollywood one and teased more could be coming in the future.

"We honestly thought we'd be done in Los Angeles, and then folks here at Gianni's reached out," Smith recently told us. "It's a gift, not only to be able to do this in the hometown, like where [Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash] is right down the street and stuff. And we get so much, so we can have a mini Stash here at the same time. Like this Jersey version of Mooby's is now turning this into something real, because without the Jersey version, it would only happen in WeHo, and people would've been like, 'All right, well. Of course. They do that sort of thing there.'"

You can see the post below.


Mewes has taken to Twitch as a way to reach out directly to fans, doing everything from gameplay videos to chats to events like our Jay & Silent Bob Quarantine Watch Party, in which fans could have watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot essentially for free with Mewes's commentary if they were followers of his Twitch channel. And, of course, with a third Clerks and a second Mallrats coming up, both Mewes and O'Halloran, who played Dante Hicks in Clerks, are regular staples at Smith events.

You can learn more about the Mooby's pop-up here.