Watch Kevin Smith Describe What Happened With His Heart Attack

Earlier this week, filmmaker Kevin Smith experienced a near-fatal massive heart attack. Today, he took to social media to share with fans and well-wishers what happened.

In a Facebook Live post on Tuesday, Smith addressed fans from his hospital room at Glendale Adventist Hospital to not only give an update on his condition, but tell people what happened and how, had he not cancelled his second stand-up comedy show Sunday night, he would have died.

"I never in a million years thought it was a heart attack," Smith said. "I didn't piece together I was having a heart attack even though my chest was heavy and even though my father died at the age of 67 of massive heart attack. Even though my mother has heart problems. I never in a million years thought it was a heart attack."

You can check out the video above.

Smith explained in the video that initially, he thought he was having a reaction to bad milk -- not that it was a heart attack. But when he started to have trouble breathing, that's when he knew he was in trouble. He ended up in the hospital where he came to realize that the situation was serious. But even though he very nearly died, Smith was able to make jokes about his ordeal, sharing that he experienced both of his greatest fears in life.

"My biggest fear in life: death, number 1. Number 2, people seeing my dick," he said. "I've gone out of my way my whole life to not let my dick be f****** seen. Never wanted to go to a hospital or a doctor for that very reason. Don't want to be judged, obviously small."

All jokes aside, Smith's ordeal was very serious. His LAD artery was 100 percent blocked and required emergency intervention to save his life. Now, though, Smith is on the mend. In the video, he revealed that he's been cleared to go home though he will now be on medication for the rest of his life. The director, who in addition to cult classics such as Clerks and Chasing Amy, has also directed episodes of The CW's The Flash and Supergirl, written for both DC and Marvel Comics, has been told by his doctors that he needs to take a little bit of time off to convalesce from his experience.

In addition to sharing his near-death experience, Smith also addressed the well-wishes he's received from fans and celebrities alike, taking particular care to address Chris Pratt's Twitter post offering prayers for Smith's speedy recovery. The Guardians of the Galaxy star had offered thoughts and prayers to Smith as well as shared his respect for the filmmaker on Monday only for fans criticizing Pratt for it. Smith, now that he is on the mend, wasn't having it.

"Poor Chris Pratt, one of my favorite actors on the planet, f****** put up a nice tweet, saying, 'Hey man, I don't know you that much, but I love Clerks and I'm praying for you,' and, apparently, some people were like, 'F** your prayers,' and attacked him and sh**," Smith shared. "And then [Guardians of the Galaxy director] James Gunn had to jump in and be like, 'Ain't nothing wrong with praying for a person, man.' Number one, oh my God, thank you to Chris Pratt. How sweet was that? Star-Lord praying for me."

Smith asked fans to not waste their time fighting over things like prayers.


"Please don't fight over stuff like that, it's a waste of time. Whether you're religious or not, somebody praying for you is with good intentions."