Kevin Smith Shares Photo From Set of His New Movie

Today was the first day back to work for many people following the New Year's holiday and filmmaker Kevin Smith is among those back at the grind though his 2018 appears to be off to a "fun" start.

Smith took to Twitter today to share a behind-the-scenes photo on the set of his latest movie project. You can check out the image below.

kevin smith new movie

"Starting 2018 the fun way: on a movie set!" Smith wrote.

While many of his followers were hopeful that the photo meant that a new Clerks or Mallrats film was on the way and others joked that he was making a second Jersey Girl, a close look at the movie clapper revealed that the project pictured is instead Kilroy Was Here.

Kilroy Was Here -- which takes its title from a famous piece of graffiti that dates back to World War 2 and features a bald character peering over a fence, his prominent nose hanging down -- sees Smith dipping back into the horror genre after 2016's Yoga Hosers. Kilroy Was Here is set to be a horror anthology with Smith describing the Kilroy figure as a combination of Golem, the Boogeyman, and the Grim Reaper. Smith, along with executive producer Andrew McElfresh who co-wrote the script with him, had previously been set to work on an anthology film about the grisly Christmas figure, Krampus, but after a wave of films featuring the character hit theaters in 2015 the project was retooled into Kilroy Was Here.

As for how Smith plans to handle his reinvented anthology project, he said in a press release last year that he was trying to make Kilroy "in the vein" of George A. Romero and Stephen King's 1982 black comedy horror anthology film, Creepshow.

"This is a monster movie in the sense of a classic morality tale," Smith said in the release. "NO one wants to see you spill the blood of innocents, but when someone crosses the line and goes bad, you get to make them pay in horrible ways, and the audience cheers. Like The Twilight Zone, Kilroy is full of ironic twists and grisly moments. We wanted to make an anthology film in the vein of Creepshow."


Kilroy Was Here, starring Ryan O'Nan and Azita Ghanizada, currently does not have an expected release date.