Kevin Smith Has Perfect Reply to Someone Wanting Their Time Back for Watching 'Tusk'

Kevin Smith's comedy horror film Tusk isn't for everyone. Met with mixed reviews when it was released in 2014, it remains one of those movies you either love or hate and when it comes to one of those haters, Smith had the perfect response.

A fan asked Smith on Twitter today if they could possibly get back the time spent watching Tusk and it turns out Smith is more than generous about that temporal refund. Check it out below.

kevin smith tusk reply
(Photo: Kevin Smith/Twitter)

That's right, Smith humorously offered to send "what seems like an empty envelope" of all the time plus extra to the fan. Of course, you can't really send time in an envelope or by any other method at least as far as current science tells us, but it's fun to see Smith joke about the idea especially since he's described himself as living on borrowed time following his near-fatal heart attack earlier this year. It's an experience that he told The Ralph Report changed his perspective.

"I don't want to say I feel like a dead man walking, but I do feel like I'm not supposed to be here anymore, and it doesn't make me want to leave, but it makes me appreciate how ... like, all right, let's do everything," Smith shared. "I was supposed to be dead in that room, no doubt."

His new appreciation has not only led to a major lifestyle change and dramatic weight loss but has also seen Smith moving forward on a number of new projects. Last month, he revealed that he is up to be a showrunner on a mystery television project, hosted the premiere of the new DC Universe show DC Daily, and is working on the upcoming horror anthology movie Kilroy Was Here. He's also set to direct an episode of Supergirl's upcoming fourth season.

As for Tusk, the True North trilogy that film kicked off is still going as well. Smith revealed on an episode of his Fatman on Batman podcast that they have the money to make the third film, Moose Jaws.

"Moose Jaws, we have money for it. Isn't that crazy? That just happened in the last two weeks and stuff," Smith said. "More when I know, and I'll know very soon."


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