'Kingsman 3' Character Details Reportedly Revealed

Director Matthew Vaughn has very ambitious plans for the future of the Kingsman universe, and it sounds like they're starting to come together in his followup to The Golden Circle.

A new report indicates Kingsman 3 could serve as an introduction to the franchise's first spinoff, which is referred to as Kingsman: The Great Game and will be set in the 1910s during World War I.

That Hashtag Show got their hands on a casting list for two new lead characters to the franchise who will be included in Kingsman 3, but hint that Vaughn has plans to use them once again in a prequel film.

One of the characters is said to be a teen known as Conrad, a cocky young son of a British Duke who wants to aid his country in the Great War. He sounds like another version of Eggsy, possibly creating a connection with Taron Egerton's character. There are no details of the other character except that it's an older male, and that the studio is looking at Ralph Fiennes for the role.

Kingsman 3 is set to begin filming in the UK in January, and is being billed as the final installment in the trilogy. If that's the case, it could do a lot of heavy lifting in expanding the world to allow for more spinoffs.

There were already flashbacks in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and they could use Kingsman 3 to set up the events of The Great Game.

ComicBook.com caught up with Colin Firth and Jeff Bridges ahead of the premiere of Kingsman: The Golden Circle where they revealed Vaughn was already working on ideas for the third film in the trilogy.

"We're working on it," said Bridges. "Between interviews, we're jamming on ideas. There's no script but Matthew [Vaughn]'s been talking about it from the beginning! [Colin] You said he's always envisioned it as a trilogy."

"I remember very early conversations with Matthew," said Firth. "He felt that three [movies] would be right for this. He hadn't got them mapped out, I just think he could feel three."

This is in addition to Vaughn's and screenwriter Jane Goldman's plans for a Kingsman TV series, which will feature different characters than those on the big screen, not to mention plans to reboot the Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl franchises.


Vaughn might be planning for the end of Eggsy and Harry Hart's story on the big screen, but it sounds like the Kingsman universe is only now starting to heat up.