Lauren Cohan at Center of 'Mile 22' Bad-Ass Women Clip

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan is at the center of a new featurette for her Mile 22 movie.

Cohan, who has played Maggie on AMC's zombie show, branched out of the TV world and into the feature film side of acting earlier this year. In Mile 22, she starred alongside Mark Wahlberg and Ronda Rhousey, under the director of Lone Survivor's Peter Berg. In the exclusive video above, Cohan and others involved with the film showcase the intense training for the action thriller.

"Lauren kind of had the right balance of intelligence and believable physicality and intensity," Berg said of Cohan.

In fact, Mile 22 always intended to show off what women are capable of as action stars. "Women are being incorporated into special operations," said Mile 22 writer Lea Carpenter. "I really wanted to look at that idea of women doing that kind of work."

Cohan chimed in, enthusiastically describing how her characters fits into all of the chaos and why she was interested in the role. "Alice is pretty bad ass. She's got a lot of fire," Cohan said. "The big appeal was the intellectual smarts and tenacity as well as what we see as insane physical ability. Alice definitely has this whole skill set that was a pleasure to learn. Ronda and I had the best time doing this movie."

"My role was not so dependant on being physical and fighting," Rousey added, having been known best by moviegoers for her role in the Fast & Furious movie or an appearance in Entourage prior to her current run with WWE. "Peter really wanted to give me an opportunity to act and not just the physicality part of it."


"In Mile 22, we're literally on an intense ride from start to finish," Cohan said. "It just doesn't ever let up." The actress has now stepped away from The Walking Dead in favor of ABC's Whiskey Cavalier.

Mile 22 is available now on digital downloads and on blu-ray and DVD on November 13, 2018.