Leaked Spider-Man In Captain America: Civil War Images: Real Or Fake?

Yesterday, two Spider-Man images made the rounds on social media as the first look at the homemade version of Spider-Man's costume in Captain America: Civil War.

The first image showed a side view of an unmasked Spider-Man. We can tell you that this image is definitely not from Captain American: Civil War. It's from a Spanish film called Maria y el Arana.

The second image shows a masked Spider-Man climbing a wall, while Iron Man flies by in the background. We can't confirm 100% that this image is fake, but it certainly does look like one of those blurry images put together by pranksters to try to fool the Internet. If it is a fake, then the pranksters have done their jobs, because a lot of sites have run it as real.


The fact that the image has been circulating since yesterday, and it hasn't been pulled from the sites that ran it as real is also a pretty good indication that it's fake. A real photo would likely have been quickly scrubbed from the Internet by Disney/Marvel Studios.