'The Lion King': First Look at Timon and Pumbaa Revealed

The first official trailer for Disney's reimagining of The Lion King arrived online Wednesday [...]

The first official trailer for Disney's reimagining of The Lion King arrived online Wednesday morning, sending fan nostalgia to an all-time high. The footage on display revealed parallels to some of the most iconic shots from the original movie, like the terrifying stampede scene, as well as the first looks at its most beloved characters. Of course, when it comes to The Lion King, no characters are more beloved than Simba's loyal pals, Timon and Pumbaa.

The sassy meerkat and jolly warthog were instant favorites when The Lion King was first released in 1994, and the love for them has never really gone anywhere. They remain one of the most recognizable parts of the entire movie to this day, so fans have been looking forward to seeing their updated takes in the "live-action" version of Lion King. Well the speculation ended on Wednesday with the release of The Lion King trailer, which revealed the first looks at both Timon and Pumbaa.

Both characters were featured in a couple of different shots throughout the trailer. About halfway through the footage, the popular "growing up" montage was shown, which sees Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba walking across a log as the young lion transitions into adulthood. However, that shot was nothing more than a glance, and didn't reveal too many details about the characters themselves.

lion king trailer timon pumbaa
(Photo: Walt Disney Studios)

That changed at the very end of the trailer. The stinger scene after the title card is all about the dynamic duo, as Timon rides Pumbaa towards the camera and they both since the background vocals to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Of course, their styles are a bit different this time around, considering they're being made to look like real animals and not cartoon characters. But that's not the only change.

In Jon Favreau's new The Lion King, Timon and Pumbaa are getting new voices. Seth Rogen is providing the voice for Pumbaa, while Billy Eichner plays Timon.

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Disney's The Lion King hits theaters on July 19th.


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