Man Of Steel: The Unrecognizable Daily Planet Staff

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While Henry Cavill definitely looks the part of Superman/Clark Kent in Man Of Steel, the same thing can't be said for his Daily Planet co-workers. A recent Man Of Steel TV commercial gave fans their first look at Steve Lombard, and just like all of the other Daily Planet staffers, he looks nothing like his comic book counterpart. In the comic books, Steve Lombard is a redheaded, muscular jock, but in the movie he's played by Michael Kelly, who's balding and rather skinny. Back when it was first announced that Laurence Fishburne would be playing Perry White in Man Of Steel, some fans expressed concern that the movie was straying to far from its comic book counterpart. In the comic books, Perry White has always been portrayed as a Caucasian, so the thought was that filmmakers were casting an African-American in the role just for the sake of diversity. In reality, the filmmakers were likely just choosing the actor they felt best fit the role without regards to race, gender or anything else. Whether fans agree or disagree, director Zack Snyder has shown that when it came to casting Superman's supporting cast, having them match up to what they looked like in the comic book was not a priority. Lois Lane is the best known supporting character in the world of Superman. In the comic books, Lois Lane's brunette hair has been one of her trademarks, but Zack Snyder didn't hesitate to cast redhead Amy Adams in the role. While many speculated that Amy Adams might dye her hair or wear a wig, it turns out that the filmmakers weren't concerned with her changing her hair color for the role. After Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen is likely the most famous Daily Planet staffer. However, if Jimmy Olsen is in the Man Of Steel at all, rumors are that he's been recast as a woman. While the verdict is still out on whether Jenny Olsen is Jimmy's sister or a reboot of Jimmy himself, it would not be surprising given other changes if Jimmy Olsen is female in Man Of Steel. So Perry White is a black man, Lois Lane is a redhead, Jimmy Olsen might be a woman, and Steve Lombard isn't a jock, does it really matter? Should Zack Snyder have tried to find actors and actresses that looked like their comic book counterparts? Or as long as Zack Snyder delivers a good Superman movie will it not make a difference at all that the Daily Planet staff is unrecognizable?