Mark Ruffalo Confirms Hulk's Return For Avengers 2

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With Mark Ruffalo earning rave reviews for his performance as Bruce Banner in The Avengers, it should be common sense that the actor would be returning for the sequel. After all, Mark Ruffalo initially signed a six picture deal with Marvel Studios, which means he either has five or four movies left (depending on if his brief appearance in Iron Man 3 counts as one of his pictures). However, there have been various rumors circulating that some of the original Avengers cast members might either be holding out or attempting to negotiate better deals in light of The Avengers success at the box office. To clear up the rumors, Hitfix asked Mark Ruffalo point blank if he was returning for Avengers 2. Ruffalo answered, "I think so. I assume so. I've signed on for it, so unless they have a change of heart, and they have in the past. Unless they have a change of heart, I'm there." Considering that Marvel Studios President Of Production Kevin Feige and Avengers 2 director Joss Whedon have both praised Mark Ruffalo's performance in the Avengers, the possibility of them having a change of heart is probably next to none. The only thing that could probably keep Mark Ruffalo out of the Avengers 2 is if he refused to do the film, so his confirmation of his intention to return is pretty much confirmation that the Hulk will be back. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player