Marvel Studios Founder Launching New Shared Comic Book Movie Universe With Fathom, Soulfire Movies

Marvel Studios’ Founding Chairman David Maisel is attempting to make lightning strike twice. A year ago, he teamed with music industry executive Scooter Braun to launch Mythos Studios. Mythos purchased a controlling stake in Aspen Comics, the publisher founded by comics artist Michael Turner. A decade after Turner’s death, Aspen remains the home of Micahel Turner’s original intellectual properties. Mythos plans to turn those properties into a shared cinematic universe it’s calling the TurnerVerse. Following a plan like what worked for Marvel, Mythos wants to use event-sized films to tell an ongoing story across releases. Unlike Marvel Studios, the TurnerVerse will be animated.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first two TurnerVerse projects are based on Turner’s best-known creations, Fathom and Soulfire. Mythos is developing animated films for each property. Kevin Adams and Joe Ksander, directors of Netflix’s Next Gen, are developing both films.

Kristin Gore is writing the screenplay for Fathom. She’s the daughter of Vice President Al Gore and her writing credits include Saturday Night Live and Futurama. Fathom chronicles the adventures of Aspen Matthews. Aspen is a marine biologist who learns she’s descended from an advanced race of sea-dwellers.

Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt are writing Soulfire. The writing team works on Star Trek: Discovery and are developing the Section 31 spinoff's pilot. Soulfire follows Malikai, an orphan connected to a forgotten age of magic. The goddess Grace helps guide him towards a battle against the dark lord of technology in the hopes that magic will be reborn anew.

Besides the two TurnerVerse projects, Mythos is also developing Cupid. The animated musical will feature the voice of Justin Bieber in the title role. Pete Candeland is directing the feature.

"We are tremendously fortunate to have found brilliant creative partners whose artistry and storytelling talent will help us bring these very distinct yet universally themed stories to life on the big screen," said Maisel in a statement. "These three projects reflect our vision for Mythos Studios, which is to immerse viewers in cool, animated universes based on contemporary and classic mythologies that resonate around the world. We are excited to be moving forward with these films."


"When David and I launched Mythos, we knew we had something really special in both our shared overall vision and the IP we wanted to bring to life," said Braun. "We are thrilled to have best-in-class creatives and executives to help make these stories a reality."

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