Netflix Had a Bot Create a Christmas Movie (Supposedly) and It's Hilarious

There's no shortage of Christmas movies to watch on Netflix, but despite the variety of films to [...]

There's no shortage of Christmas movies to watch on Netflix, but despite the variety of films to choose from, Netflix's latest holiday project might just be one of the best ever, mostly because it makes absolutely no sense yet is still in line with some of the Christmas movie tropes we've come to expect from holiday films. Netflix asked Keaton Patti to force a bot to watch over 1000 hours of holiday movies and then write its own, though it's actually Patti writing the film in a style that a bot create. After it was written Netflix animated it, and it's easily one of our favorite Christmas videos ever.

The title of the film is Carol's Christmas Carol for Carol, A Woman Named Carol, and as you might surmise from the title, its about a woman named Carol, who is looking for love for Christmas.

We then meet Carol and her grandmother, and the narration is hilarious, as her Grandmother is described as an "elder being" and "enters oldly". Her Grandmother has won an award for never being single on Christmas, and if Carol doesn't have a relationship not only will she go to Christmas jail but her Grandmother will get older.

Carol prays for Santa to give her a boyfriend that becomes man-husband, and the prayer enters Santa's beard (yes really) as he eats eggs in his chimney house.

That's when we meet Elf 27, who Santa turns into a human and tells him to date Carol for Christmas and then to return or he will turn him into three Christmas ghosts.

It just gets crazier from there, as Carol falls in love with Elf 27 because he has teeth and a shirt, and then Santa eventually gets angry that the elf doesn't return and turns him into three Christmas ghosts, but that works for Carol, who now has the lips of a princess...for some reason, and she kisses all of them.

Grandma then dates Santa because she's never single on Christmas, and all of it goes down in front of Mrs. Claus. It's a surreal and hilarious video, and you can watch it in the clip above.