Everything Leaving Netflix in February 2020

Each and every month, Netflix releases the list of movies and TV shows set to arrive on the [...]

Each and every month, Netflix releases the list of movies and TV shows set to arrive on the streaming service in the following month. It's always exciting to see what the service has in store for the coming weeks, but these lists come with a small side of bad news as well. All of these press releases from Netflix contain not only the list of titles on their way to the service, but also the ones that are on their way out. The "Coming Soon" section is followed by a group of movies and shows that Netflix calls the "Last Call."

Since Netflix only owns a portion of its streaming library, the rest of the movies and shows that are available are under contracts set for a certain amount of time. The ending of those contracts means that the titles will leave Netflix, though they don't always stay gone for long. Films like The Matrix seem to always go back and forth, leaving Netflix only to come back a couple of months later. Other departures, like the Disney films heading for Disney+, seem much more permanent.

February's list sees plenty of popular movies leaving Netflix, headlined by the entire Matrix trilogy at the end of the month. Also departing the service are titles like District 9, Peter Rabbit, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and a slew of Jeopardy! collections. You can take a look at the full list below.

Leaving 2/11/20
Clouds of Sils Maria

Leaving 2/14/20
District 9

Leaving 2/15/20
Peter Rabbit

Leaving 2/18/20
The 2000s: Season 1

Leaving 2/19/20
Charlotte's Web
Gangs of New York
The Eighties: Season 1
The Nineties: Season 1
The Seventies: Season 1

Leaving 2/20/20

Leaving 2/21/20
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Leaving 2/26/20
Our Idiot Brother

Leaving 2/27/20
Jeopardy!: Buzzy Cohen Collection
Jeopardy!: College Championship II
Jeopardy!: Teachers' Tournament II
Jeopardy!: Teen Tournament III
Jeopardy!: Tournament of Champions III

Leaving 2/28/20
My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
Primal Fear

Leaving 2/29/20
American Beauty
Anger Management
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Free Willy
Hustle & Flow
Layer Cake
Rachel Getting Married
The Matrix
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix Revolutions
The Mind of a Chef: Season 1-5
The Taking of Pelham 123
Up in the Air