Netflix Secret Message Teases Chris Hemsworth's Return in Extraction 2

Netflix is getting ready to begin promoting its highly anticipated sequel to the Chris Hemsworth-led Extraction. Not much is known about Extraction 2 and how Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) is still alive after the first film, but if we learned anything about the movie from the first look, it's that it's going to be action-packed. Netflix has started promoting the film by posting an image of a billboard that focuses on some Morse code, and Hemsworth shared the post, asking if anyone else knows Morse code. "Who else knows Morse code?" the Extraction star wrote on Twitter. which fans were quick to reveal that it actually says "Tyler Rake lives."

You can check out the post below.

Chris Hemsworth on the More Grounded Sequel 

The Thor star previously revealed that Extraction's sequel has, "the most detailed and exhausting fight training I've ever been a part of." While that's pretty easy to believe as the first movie was filled to the brim with wild moments, it does read as a bit of a critique of the MCU's VFX heavy style. Hemsworth himself downplayed that and said that both production methods have their merits.

"There's something so satisfying about that," Hemsworth detailed. "Not to take anything away from the special-effects-filled sort of Marvel film, but you have a lot of help in post-production there. Obviously, I can't fly, so they help through me that. Whereas in this film, the action is grounded in reality, and so much of it is in camera. So, it's a different energy, and the preparation is a lot more extensive."

"We've got fist fights, car chases, explosions, trains, helicopters," director Sam Hargrave added. "It's like an action fan's fantasy come to life. At least it was for us action designers."

The Cast of Extraction 2 is Very Excited About the Sequel

"I'm super excited, Hemsworth's super excited, Netflix is excited so it's really just a function of getting the script done," Joe and Anthony Russo previously told "Finding passionate engines behind stories requires an incredible amount of lifeblood to get a movie made, and you know, you need an engine, you need a creative engine, you need someone who's excited. And you know Sam was a close friend because we'd done work with him for almost a decade, almost a decade on the Marvel films. We knew how talented he was and that he could make the transition."

Here is the official description for Extraction 2: "In 2020, the world met a new hero: Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a fearless black market mercenary who embarks on the deadliest mission of his career. But what seems lost …can still be extracted. Directed by Sam Hargrave, this action-packed, edge-of-your-seat franchise is produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, the visionary directors of Avengers: Endgame."

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