Netflix Top 10 Welcomes Surprising Superhero Movie

When it comes to content on Netflix, there are often some surprises lurking in their Top 10 lists. Most of the time, Netflix's new and original content makes the cut, but sometimes older movies and shows shine on the streaming site. Today, you might be surprised that a superhero sequel from 2013 is thriving on Netflix. Despite being ten years old, movie fans seem to be enjoying Kick-Ass 2. The sequel is currently #3 in movies after Luther: The Fallen Son and Money Shot: The Pronhub Story. 

Kick-Ass 2 saw the return of Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the titular role as well as Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Chloë Grace Moretz. The sequel also featured Clarke Duke, Morris Chesnut, Donald Faison, John Leguizamo, and Jim Carrey. The movie didn't fair nearly as well as its predecessor with critics or audiences. The first Kick-Ass is currently up on Rotten Tomatoes with a 76% critics score and 81% audience score while the sequel is on the review site with a 32% critics score and 57% audience score. Clearly, old reviews don't seem to be stopping folks from checking out the movie on Netflix. 

Is Kick-Ass Getting a Reboot?'s Chris Killian took part in a round table with the cast and crew of The King's Man back in 2021, which included Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn, who teased an upcoming Kick-Ass reboot. 

"Oh, you've got a big reboot, a big reboot of Kick-Ass in two years. Big reboot ... It's so f*cking nuts that I can't talk about it. But we've got that ready to go. All the rights revert back in two years and then we're going to reboot it where people will be like, 'He is insane,'" Vaughn revealed. "Not gonna say," he replied when asked if it would be a new cast. 

When asked why he's doing a reboot instead of Kick-Ass 3, Vaughn replied, "Because I think the clue is in the title. I think Kick-Ass ... it became a new type of genre. Everyone went like- whenever we made it, everyone was like, 'Oh, you can't make R-rated superheroes. No one will want to see an R-rated superhero. You can't do this. You can't do that.'  So, [LAUGH] when we- I had to say 'dare' and it was so nuts that I went, 'Yeah, great. It'll cause just as much controversy and everyone will talk about it and as many people will love it will hate it.' Um, but I'm not saying it hasn't got the characters in it and won't have, you know. I'm just saying it's not what any of-anyone could be imagining what it is. And I'm going to need one very, very brave actor or actress to play the new Kick-Ass because it will scare the shit out of them." 

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