Netflix: You People Starring Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill Now Streaming

You People is now streaming on Netflix and people are crowding in to see what's up with the new Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill comedy. Kenya Barris is behind the camera for this one in a bit of a departure from his sitcom work. (Grown-ish, Black AF, and Black-ish are all under his imprint.) Here's a reworking of the age-old story of a young couple having to meet the other's parents. Chaos ensues from misunderstandings and some real conversations get settled out. Also, a source of discussion before the release was focusing on a Jewish and Black union and what each party brings to the table in that regard. Check out a clip for yourself down below!

What Makes You People Different? 

Complex caught up with director Kenya Barris to unpack his feature. There's no escaping the comparisons to Guess Who is Coming to Dinner? Instead of running from those questions, the filmmaker is embracing them. After all, there have been multiple attempts to channel that classic in the past 20 years. More than anything Barris seems to be intent on starting a dialogue with this movie. And, when you think about it, a lot of his other creative output is pointed towards the same conversations. Check out what he had to say right here.

"Well, I think we wanted to flip Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner? And flip that on its head. Eddie is Spencer Tracy. And Julia is happy to be almost in a sort of way, fetishizing the idea of the Black daughter, and Eddie's like, 'I'm not quite sure,'" Barris said. "And I think that was a really big flip on its head for the genre. And we wanted to say times have changed and there is a wokeness and a Black pride that we didn't see back then. So we wanted to say how would that happen now? How would we do that? And I think that's what makes it as far from Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner? as we wanted it to be."

That awkward moment from the trailer drew a lot of viewers in from the word go. But, the substance of that exchange between Murphy and Hill also provides a kind of baseline for expectations when it comes to You People.

"This was a hard-thought conversation. There are a few different versions of it. I love this conversation. We're at an interesting time," Barris admitted. "We had another great conversation. There was a great conversation with him in the car about the song that he likes and what's the name of the song, which we would've all kind of leaned into what a great teaser that would be. And then controversy that we had no idea about came up and we were like, although we all agree that this would be a great teaser, do we want to just open the door? But I feel like Netflix has been really, really supportive in saying, "'Look, we understand, we want to support this. We don't want to get caught up in the noise, but at the same time we have to play and we want to make this movie just reach as many people as possible without any obstacles.'"

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