New Goosebumps Trailer Sneak Peek Released

Tuesday morning, Goosebumps "dared" fans to unlock the official Goosebumps trailer by using the apt hashtag #UnlockGoosebumps and we finally have our first look at the movie. However, Jack Black was on Good Morning America to give fans a first look and provide some additional commentary.

The clip only clocks in at around 30 seconds, so we're hoping that once the trailer is unlocked on twitter - we'll get more Goosebump-y maddness.

Goosebumps stars Jack Black as R. L. Stine, the creator of the popular young adult book franchise, who teams up with a group of kids to stop the writer's demons from invading a small town in Maryland. The trailer keeps the book's themes intact with a mix of scary and silly.

Goosebumps is scheduled to hit theaters October 16th, 2015. Want to know what other movies are coming out this year? Check out's Movie Schedule!