New Jem and The Holograms Trailer And Featurette Released

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for Jem and The Holograms, showing the latest look at the eighties cartoon turned live-action film.

In the Jon M. Chu directed movie, singer Jeerica Benton and her sisters launch their careers as superstar pop artists. You can watch the full trailer below.

The trailer follows a new featurette that was released earlier today. In the behind-the-scenes video, Jem fans can learn about the film's origins, the challenges of bringing a beloved property to the big screen, and what makes these characters connect in the modern world. "These characters are real people who are dealing with real issues that young people deal with all the time now," Chu explained to EOnline, among many other insights. You can view the video below.

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Jem and the Holograms hits theaters on October 23.