'Pacific Rim: Uprising': November Ajax Escape Clip Released

Legendary Pictures has released the first clip from Pacific Rim: Uprising.

The clip shows Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) and Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny) escaping from someplace in Amara’s home built Jaeger called Scrapper. Unfortunately for them, they’re cut off by an officially registered Pan Pacific Defense Corps Jaeger, November Ajax.

You can watch the clip above.

This is just the latest video to show off some of the new Jaegers in Pacific Rim: Uprising. Past videos have introduced Gypsy Avenger, Guardian Bravo, and Bracer Phoenix.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is a sequel to the first Pacific Rim, which was directed by Guillermo del Toro. The film stars John Boyega as Jake Pentecost, the son of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) from the original movie. Boyega has previously spoken about the character and the process of defining his personality and voice.

“Steve gives me freedom to rewrite my lines, give them more seasoning,” Boyega said. “I think Jake is a South London boy. So being a South London boy myself, I’d add a bit of that rudeness to it. Kaiju can’t hack South London.”


Pacific Rim: Uprising is directed by Steven S. DeKnight. Both Boyega and DeKnight have spoken about what the film means to them.

“I loved the first Pacific Rim,” said Boyega. “That classic tale of robots and that holds weight and that holds power. Everybody has felt that feeling when those monsters go through a city. It creates an instant excitement.”

DeKnight said, “I grew up watching the old giant monster movies from Japan. The classics like Ultraman, Space Giants, and of course Godzilla. I just ate it up. With the technology we have, we have a chance to make it that much more spectacular. Ultimately it's a world conflict and everyone’s putting aside their differences and come together.”

Boyega added, “Pacific Rim Uprising gives an answer back to those monsters that we’ve grown up watching. If they were to attack us, what would we have? We have the Jaegers.

"I can announce that this is the most action that I’ve ever done. It's like getting a ticket to the best boxing match ever.”

Pacific Rim Uprising opens in theaters on March 23, 2018.