Parasite Distributor Responds to Donald Trump's Insults

Speaking at a political rally in Colorado Springs, President of the United States Donald Trump found himself late to the party in regard to the 92nd Academy Awards, which took place eleven days ago as of this writing. The impeached president took time out of his rally to speak about an important issue, that South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho's movie Parasite won the Oscar for Best Picture. Though many have celebrated the film's victory, Trump decried the decision to give the movie the top prize because it hails from South Korea, but admitted in his rambling that he hasn't seen the movie. After his obtuse rant concluded, NEON, the US distributor for Parasite, issued a simple statement on the matter, tweeting: "Understandable, he can't read."

"And the winner is a movie from South Korea! What the hell was that all about?" the president's incoherent tirade started. "We got enough problems with South Korea with trade, on top of that they give them the best movie of the year. Was it good? I don't know. And I'm looking for, like... Let's get Gone With the Wind? Can we get, like, Gone With the Wind back please? Sunset Boulevard? So many great movies. The winner is from South Korea! I thought it was Best Foreign Film, right? Best Foreign Movie? No, it was the- this never happened before."

For once, Trump is correct, Parasite's victory as Best Picture is the first time that an international film has won the top prize. The film also secured Best Director honors at the ceremony along with Best International Feature Film and Best Original Screenplay, beating out films like Knives Out, 1917, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and Marriage Story. Parasite was unable to compete against films like Gone With the Wind and Sunset Blvd. since they were ineligible to be nominated for the 2020 Oscars. Trump also took time to blast Oscar winner Brad Pitt, who spent some of his acceptance speech discussing the senate trial against the president.

Fan reactions to Neon's statement have been pretty hilarious as well, with many memes and gifs about the distributor dunking on the president flowing in immediately after they tweeted.

"He's only a fan of Gone With The Wind because it has the same name as his haircut," @Oingo_Boingo wrote.

"Another impeachable offense, IMO," @rbonaime added.

"He couldn’t get pass the one inch barrier🤪," @josueee_27 said, referencing an acceptance speech that Bong Joon-Ho made at the Golden Globe awards about American audiences finding "more amazing films" after they overcome the need to read subtitles.


Parasite is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD.

(Cover photo by Caitlin O'Hara/Getty Images)