Disney's New Peter Pan Reboot Finds Its Wendy and Peter

Disney is pushing another live-action remake into development. Disney's Peter Pan & Wendy has cast [...]

Disney is pushing another live-action remake into development. Disney's Peter Pan & Wendy has cast Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson as the movies titular characters, Molony as Pan and Anderson as Wendy. In a new report from Variety, Peter Pan & Wendy will reportedly receive a theatrical release, contrasting previous reports that it would follow in the footsteps of Lady and the Tramp and find a home on Disney+.

Anderson — daughter of actor Milla Jovovich — is set to appear as the younger version of Natasha Romanoff in Marvel Studios' Black Widow in May. The only other professional credit the young actress has is for a role in Resident Evil: Final Chapter. Molony's two biggest credits come on Sky One's The Reluctant Landlord and Claude from Disney Junior.

David Lowery (Pete's Dragon) has signed on board to direct from a script by Toby Halbrooks. Halbrooks' lone feature film screenwriting credit comes from his work with Lowery on Pete's Dragon.

Disney+ has been the primary business focus for the House of Mouse so admittedly, it may come a bit surprising to some the studio has opted for a theatrical release, despite the property itself nothing being a hefty name — at least when compared to the likes of The Lion King or Aladdin.

After Bob Iger stepped down as Disney's CEO last month, the executive is expected to have a more hands-on relationship with Disney+ over the next 21 months prior to the expiration of his contract. Shortly after news of the change in CEO surfaced, Iger explained on a conference call he'll spend more time handling the creative output for the company through the end of next year, something that seemingly includes oversight of Disney+.

"The company has gotten larger and more complex in the recent 12 months," Iger explained on the call. "With the asset based in place, and our strategy essentially deployed, I felt that I should spend as much time as possible with the creative side as our businesses... because that becomes our biggest priority in 2021."

Disney's Peter Pan & Wendy has yet to set a release date.