New Disney+ Video Reveals Pixar's Most Well-Hidden Easter Eggs

Every Pixar fan has known for quite a while that the beloved animation studio has a knack for hiding Easter eggs to both new and old projects inside each of its movies. Things like the Pixar Ball and the Pizza Planet delivery truck are some of the most obvious Easter eggs, as they've appeared time and time again over the years. However, since there is a seemingly limitless number of Pixar Easter eggs out there, a lot of them have probably gone unnoticed. A new video from Disney+ and Pixar is helping point out some of the most difficult-to-spot Easter eggs from Pixar's history.

Pixar Animation Studios was founded on February 3, 1986, making Monday its 34th birthday. To celebrate the anniversary, the Disney+ Twitter account shared a video of a slew of Pixar Easter eggs, some of which you probably haven't noticed before.

"The attention to detail here is INCREDIBLE," reads the Tweet from Disney+, where almost all of Pixar's library is now streaming. "We have no choice but to stan - and stream - Pixar! Happy Anniversary to the iconic studio."

One or two of the Easter eggs featured in this video are pretty obvious, and most fans have probably noticed them already. Things like the Pizza Planet truck in A Bug's Life or the Gusteau's restaurant sign from Ratatouille popping up in the Cars franchise as Gastow's. Many of these Easter eggs are much sneakier, though.

The video begins with a scene from Coco in which a little boy drops his corn on the ground. Once the focus shifts to the boy's feet, you can see he's wearing a Cars-themed tennis shoes. That same checkered/Lightning McQueen design also shows up as a Band-Aid on the hand of a truck driver in Finding Dory.

Of all of the popular Pixar franchises, Toy Story is the one that has really lent itself to both hiding and providing Easter eggs. Since the movies are about toys, it's easy to place the toy versions of its characters in other films. Pixar has also been known to turn characters from other films into background toys in Toy Story.

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