Rebel Moon Writer Says the Best Character Has a Lot More Screen Time in Snyder Cuts

Jimmy, the antler-donning robot voiced by Anthony Hopkins, has more story to tell in Rebel Moon.

Both parts of Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon saga are now available on Netflix, being released just a few months apart. As part of his agreement with Netflix, however, Snyder is releasing extended, R-rated cuts of both movies on the streaming service. The Snyder Cuts will arrive at some point this year, hitting Netflix at the same time, and there will be several key differences. In addition to more violence and alternate performance takes, the directors cuts of Rebel Moon will feature a lot more of the biggest fan-favorite character in the series: Jimmy.

While Jimmy has a fantastic design, and he's voiced by the one and only Sir Anthony Hopkins, he seems mysteriously absent from both films. There's clearly some character development for the droid, who shows up with different looks at different points in the films, though with no explanation as to what he's been through. There are a lot of questions about Jimmy's story that remain after both movies, but it looks like the directors cuts will remedy that.

"I will say the Snyder Cut will be the Jimmy Cut as well. How about that," writer Kurt Johnstad told in an interview about the newly release Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver. "You're going to have lots of Jimmy. It's going to be Jimmy all the time."

Johnstad went on to explain why Jimmy had a lot of material removed from the PG-13 editions of the Rebel Moon films. He also opened up about some of the other differences fans can expect from the new cuts.

"To assuage any fears, I would say that there's going to be a lot more Jimmy in the extended versions. You're going to have a lot more clarity of, in movie one, what happens to him," Johnstad explained. "And it is just where Zack is looking like, 'Okay, what is going to have the most impact and who do I need to really stay with the most?' And as far as making those directorial decisions, and again, I'm just making an assumption. He's having to say, 'I need to stay with the heartbeat of the movie.' And the heartbeat of the movie is Kora. Kora is the heart of the movie, and she's the emotional engine of the movie.

"And so sometimes you just have to sharpen the blade and get in there and start making cuts. Especially when you're shaping something for a rating. And so I think that when that extended version comes out, you're really going to see that everything is going to be amplified. It's going to be tonally a different movie. And things, by sequence and set piece and character beats and mythology, they're going to pay off in just totally a different way. It's going to be an R-rated movie. And I think that if you're an adult, or even if you're sneaking in and watching when you're not an adult, but you want to watch an R-rated movie, that's probably going to be pretty satisfying."

Both Rebel Moon extended cuts are expected to hit Netflix later this year.