Ryan Reynolds Reveals He Was Once Hit By A Drunk Driver

Ryan Reynolds is known to be an action star who can take a beating on the big screen, especially in his hit Deadpool movies. However, few people knew of a scary story from the actor's real life where he was hit by a car being operated by a drunk driver. Reynolds, who is currently promoting his 6 Underground movie (which might actually be the Snyder Cut), opened up about the moment which left him with several broken bones in an interviews with Xilla Valentine. As it turns out, the moment was scarier than many could have imagined.

"Having kids was pretty great but probably not the most exciting answer because billions of people have done that," Reynolds said. "The most exciting that has ever [happened to me]? I don't know. I know, in this movie, you see people getting hit by cars and crazy stuff. I got hit by a car once. Here's a funny little story, it's quick I promise. I was 19 in Vancouver, Canada, the drinking age is different there. I had had a couple of drinks and I didn't want to get in my car obviously because that's insane/ I walked home and on my way home I got hit by a drunk driver. I was like, 'Thanks karma!' I got run over by a guy who was drunk in the middle of the street."

The next day, Reynolds woke up and realized "every bone in my left side was broken.""

Watch Reynolds share the story in the video below!

Fortunately, Reynolds made a full recovery and has gone on to live quite a high-quality life since the accident. Reynolds recently became a father and has starred in some of the biggest films, including his recent efforts in Deadpool 2 and Detective Pikachu.


Let's all take a moment and be grateful for Reynolds' survival of the horrible encounter with a drunk driver and use this as a means to remind ourselves and those who need to hear it that drunk driving is a terrible thing and nobody should do it.

6 Underground is available on Netflix on December 13.