Spider-Man 3 Gets the Cinema Sins Treatment

Spider-Man 3

It was seven years ago today that Sam Raimi's Spider-Man franchise ground to a screeching halt, as the release of Spider-Man 3 showed that...well, he just didn't have it anymore. Granted, the films were structured as a trilogy and it likely wouldn't have continued after this with Raimi still at the helm, but the movie was so awful that they had to wait five years and reboot rather than try to find another filmmaker and move on. It also remains one of the most reviled superhero movies ever made. Perhaps not the worst, per se, but when you combine how bad it was with how high the expectations were after Spider-Man 2? Well... It's a thirteen-minute affair when the folks at Cinema Sins take a look at "Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3." And while it seems highly unlikely you could actually name EVERYTHING wrong with Sam Raimi's worst Spider-Man film in that time, it is admittedly a pretty comprehensive list. So much so, in fact, that they had to clarify one of their comments on Twitter to make sure everybody knew  that they weren't going after one particular cult horror icon.

...So, yeah. At least they like Bruce Campbell. Groovy. Check out the video below!

Forget everything you think you know about sinful Spider-Man movies... this one's the sinniest. But you already knew that, right? Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we recount next? Tell us on the Hotline: 405-459-7466.