Spider-Man Fan Turns The Batman's Robert Pattinson Into Peter Parker

In a world where Robert Pattinson wasn't playing Bruce Wayne, maybe...just maybe...could he be flinging himself across Midtown Manhattan as the Spectacular Spider-Man. At least, that's what one popular Instagram fan artist thinks. Over the weekend, Instagrammer @Venomhology shared an image featuring Pattinson as Peter Parker; as it turns out, it's a pretty convincing fan cast.

Featuring the iconic red and blue suit featured in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Captain America: Civil War, the piece overlays Pattinson's likeness over top — a decision that's likely to get fans of both the actor and character buzzing. See it for yourself below.

If you're hoping to see Pattinson hop over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon, you might be out of the luck. Matt Reeves' take on the Caped Crusader with The Batman is during the beloved character's earliest days and it's fully expected he has a multi-picture deal with Warner Brothers. The filmmaker had previously compared the movie to a gritty '80s cop flick.

"Because the movie is a detective story, because it is a thriller in the sort of cop world, and because it's about corruption, we're treating this Batman story as if this could have happened," Reeves said Saturday during DC FanDome. "The idea is that Batman doesn't have sort of the ability to have super-heroic powers, he just has super-heroic focus and super-heroic drive."

He added, "In that way, it's like a classic noir, and this series of murders that Batman investigates is very much in that mode. So Chinatown was a really big one. [Batman] was very inspired by those kinds of movies, by French Connection, and other sorts of cop movies like that. I would say even a movie like Taxi Driver, the description of a place, and very much getting inside of somebody's head. I guess a lot of '70s, sort of street-grounded stories."


The Batman is currently set for release on October 1, 2021 while Spider-Man 3 is scheduled to hit theaters on December 17, 2021.

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