Spider-Verse Producer Reveals Inspiration for Pivotal Kingpin Scene

Spider-Verse producer Chris Miller revealed the big inspiration for one of the most iconic Kingpin scenes in the film. He joined Comicbook.com along with the directors and many more to have a Quarantine Watch Party for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It turns out that Bill Sienkiewicz was a huge inspiration for how the movie chose to handle Kingpin. The larger than life physical presence, that temper, and all the fantastic colors are all purely inspired by his art. Many fans agreed that it was one of their favorite moments of the film, and it’s easy to see why. That flashback sequence is absolutely heartbreaking.

Miller wrote on Twitter, “Kingpin was inspired by the @sinKEVitch version in the comics. His personal flashback later in the film was a special homage to his incredible style #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchParty”

Now, that isn’t the only time that the larger than life character has taken his cues from the fan favorite comic creator. Netflix’s Daredevil took some nods from Sienkiewicz as well. Vincent D’Onofrio told a fan that the artist had sent him a bunch of artwork to prepare for the role. He couldn’t possible be more grateful for that wild gift.

“Oh yes @sinKEVitch inspired my acting in the season3,” D’Onofrio explained. “I asked him if he would send me some art.Anything he felt inspired2send me that was laying around his studio. He sent me a box of art. I took that box to work everyday &told no one. Intense art that inspired the hell out of me”

Sienkiewicz is one of the most acclaimed artists of his generation, and his striking visual style has inspired people in and outside of comics, and helped to shape years of cartoonists who followed him. Also, if you’re looking forward to The New Mutants, that movie also takes a lot of inspiration from his art as well.

“Look, we wanted to make a movie that felt like it was the tip of the iceberg," producer Phil Lord told ComicBook.com after Spider-Verse’s release. "You could imagine all of these other things. So it's music to our ears that people could imagine a Spider-Noir film, and the Spider-Ham insane cartoon."


"Right. We still have the horse," Chris Miller added. "We've got to put the cart behind it. So we'll let it ride down the road a few blocks before we get too big for our britches."

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