Spider-Man Writer Conway: If Gwen Was More Like Emma Stone, We Wouldn't Have Killed Her

Warning: Spoilers ahead for comics and movies featuring Spider-Man.In spite of generally mixed [...]

emma-stone-amazing-spider-man-2Warning: Spoilers ahead for comics and movies featuring Spider-Man.

In spite of generally mixed reviews, Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been almost universally praised for the performances and onscreeen chemistry of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, who play Peter Parker/Spider-Man and his ill-fated girlfriend Gwen Stacy. And, of course, the death of Gwen Stacy in the comics is a key part of her character; she's actually someone who has become more beloved by fans in death than she was in life, and when quizzed about the prospect of dying in one of the movies, Emma Stone (back in 2012) said that she thought it had to happen. "I think that's a hugely important part of her story and of this incarnation of Spider-Man," said Stone. "I think that was very important to everybody. I think there's a certain expectation and then there's a certain awareness of mortality that Gwen has already, so I think that it was important to…just because her father was in the face of death everyday and so is Peter, so I think death always surrounds her. I think it's a really important element to her character. I mean, she, as fans know, is kind of most famous for how she departs. So that's a weird thing to play, knowing about such an iconic part of her existence." There was some discussion about whether it should still happen in the films after everyone saw the chemistry between the two leads in the first film, but of course Gwen did indeed die (as almost everyone was expecting) in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And even though Stone knew it had to happen, former Spider-Man editor Glenn Greenberg (who edited the series during the '90s and throughout the Clone Saga, not back when Conway was writing) asked whether, if the character had been more like Emma Stone, they still would have killed her. Conway's response?