Star Trek Into Darkness App Cheater All Images And Sounds

Star Trek Into Darkness App Solutions

Paramount Pictures and Qualcomm Incorporated launched a Star Trek Into Darkness application earlier today. We've been through the Star Trek Into Darkness app, and we've put together some solutions that will help you rise up through the Starfleet ranks quickly. The Star Trek Into Darkness app has a multitude of tasks involving image scans, audio scans, and geofencing. Below we've imbedded all the image scans and audio scans that the Star Trek Into Darkness app will ask you to find for the first week's missions. There will be more missions added weekly. Star Trek Countdown To Darkness Comic

0commentsStar Trek Countdown to Darkness ComicStar Trek Into Darkness Teaser TrailerHarrison's Getaway ImageHarrison's GetawaySpock In Volcano ImageSpock In VolcanoHarrison's Mind Games ImageHarrison's Mind GamesStar Trek Into Darkness Announcement TrailerKirk Confers With Pike ImageKirk confers with PikeStar Trek Into Darkness PosterStar Trek Into Darkness PosterCaptain Kirk And Harrison From Empire MagazineCaptain Kirk And Harrison from Empire MagazineCaptain Kirk & Dr. Marcus ImageCaptain Kirk & Dr. MarcusScotty Takes A Call ImageScotty takes a callBad Robot LogoBad Robot LogoKirk, Spock and Harrison ImageKirk, Spock and HarrisonStar Trek 2009 PosterStar Trek 2009 Poster

After completing all of the image scans and audio scans, you will reach the rank of Chief Petty Officer. The final task is to visit the Starfleet Academy. For that task, you will have to travel to The Presidio of San Francisco. Unfortunately, we can't help you with that task. During the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVII, the Star Trek Into Darkness app will allow users the ability to unlock the first of many surprises during the airing of the Star Trek Into Darkness TV spot.