Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s John Boyega Has Casting Suggestion for Bad Boys 4

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters last month and some of the film's cast is already preparing to move on to their next productions. John Boyega, who plays Finn in the sequel trilogy, will soon begin filming Rebel Ridge, a new Netflix thriller from Jeremy Saulnier, who is best known for helming Green Room and Hold the Dark. While Boyega's next project is set, that's not stopping some folks on social media from suggesting future projects. In fact, now that Bad Boys for Life, the third installment in the action franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, had a successful box office opening, a fourth film is now in development. Since the Bad Boys 4 announcement, entertainment writer Rebecca Theodore-Vachon has taken to Twitter to suggest Boyega join the franchise, and the Star Wars star replied with a casting idea of his own.

“I really enjoyed bad boys for life,” Boyega tweeted.

“Are you going to be in Bad Boys 4 sir? We would very much like to see that 👀,” @FilmFatale_NYC asked.

“Call Kaluuya! We can hold it down in the UK. 😂,” Boyega replied.

Daniel Kaluuya is best known for his roles in Get Out and Black Panther, and he’d certainly make a great onscreen partner for Boyega.

You can check out the tweet interaction below:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is moving forward with the development of a sequel to Bad Boys for Life, just as the film hits theaters nationwide. Writer Chris Bremner, who worked on the new sequel/reboot, has been hired by the studio to pen the script for the next film. Both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are expected to return.

Additionally, THR's report suggests that there won't be a large gap of time between Bad Boys for Life and the next film, like there was between Bad Boys II and Bad Boys for Life. There was an eight year gap between the first two films, followed by a 17 year gap between the second and third. The longer of the two gaps was due to several factors, including budget concerns and finding the right story. Based on the money being made by the newest installment, and the much smaller budget than its predecessor, the only issue this time around should be the story.


Fortunately, Bad Boys for Life opens the door for more films with these characters. Even though the marketing for Bad Boys for Life indicates that it's going to be their final outing, the ending certainly gives them the option to return once more.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Bad Boys for Life are both currently playing in theaters.

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