Star Wars' R2-D2 Secret Cameo In Star Trek Into Darkness

0commentsStar Wars R2-D2 Cameo In Star Trek Into Darkness

When J.J. Abrams directs Star Wars Episode VII, it won't be the first time that he directs a movie featuring a Star Wars character. Or it won't be the second time for that matter. In the 2009 Star Trek movie, director J.J. Abrams inserted a very brief cameo by Star Wars droid R2-D2 into one of the scenes. Many had wondered if Abrams might have included a similar scene in Star Trek Into Darkness, but it can be difficult to catch those type of brief cameos on the big screen. Now that Star Trek Into Darkness has been released on home media, a viewer (via IO9) was able to catch a brief R2-D2 cameo, which occurs at around the one hour and seventeen minute mark in the film. The R2-D2 cameo occurs in the scene where Vengeance fires on the Enterprise while the ships are in warp, which results in R2-D2 and other members of the crew getting sucked out of the ship. Now, the big question is whether J.J. Abrams will include his favorite droid in Star Wars Episode VII. It would be a shame if R2-D2 doesn't make it into the upcoming Star Wars sequel after his appearances in Star Trek.