Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown Wrote a Novel, Already Planning Movie Adaptation

Millie Bobby Brown wants to turn Nineteen Steps into a film.

Millie Bobby Brown is having a big year. The 19-year-old Stranger Things star wrapped production on a new film, got engaged, and wrote her first novel. Nineteen Steps is a historical fiction novel based on a real-life wartime mystery inspired by Brown's grandmother, Ruth, who passed away in 2020. The book was ghostwritten by author Kathleen McGurl, which has caused some debate online about celebrities using ghostwriters and not giving them the proper credit. However, Brown is proud of the book and has big plans for its future. The actor appeared on Lorraine (via Digital Spy) earlier this week and revealed she wants to adapt her book into a film.

"Yes, definitely. That was the intention behind it," Brown said when asked if Nineteen Steps will be adapted into a movie. "Naturally, I just want to create more, so, yes, this is a great foundation."

Brown said of the story's inspirations, "My nan told me the stories when I couldn't sleep at night and I think, for a while, and maybe until I was eight, I didn't think they were real. And then I slowly realized that these were things that happened to her in her childhood, during World War II." She added of the book's Bethnal Green setting, "It's where my grandmother lived and I went there very frequently for summers and I bought that the other day. It was amazing just to go back and to reminisce on all that nostalgia, but it's a really important place to her and to our whole family."

"I'm very gravitated towards things that mean something to me and just more of a woman-centric role. I'm very, very committed to moving people with what I do," Brown explained.

How Will Stranger Things End?

Stranger Things creators, Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, recently revealed that their pitch for the fifth season was a tear-jerker. 

"Listen. It's our process but it's just like, we really just try to focus on one season at a time," Ross Duffer previously told The Wrap. "We do have an outline for season 5 and we pitched it to Netflix and they really responded well to it. I mean, it was hard. It's the end of the story. I saw executives crying who I've never seen cry before and it was wild. And it's not just to do with the story, just the fact that it's like, Oh my God, this thing that has defined so many of our lives, these Netflix people who has been with us from the beginning, seven years now, and it's hard to imagine the journey coming to an end."

Stranger Things is expected to return for its final season in 2024.