HBO Max Releases Trailer for Melissa McCarthy's Superintelligence

HBO Max has released the trailer for Superintelligence. The new sci-fi comedy stars Melissa McCarthy as a down-on-luck woman, who gets a helping boost in her life from an A.I. "Superintelligence" that takes on the voice and likeness of James Corden. Like most "man vs. machine" doomsday thrillers, this Superintelligence isn't sold on the idea of humanity being a good species to leave around, and it picks McCarthy's character to be the "average woman" archetype it will study and analyze, to determine if it should destroy mankind. Meanwhile, some bumbling government types try to follow this along and keep the A.I. from wreaking havoc.

Superintelligence is being released on November 26th as a Thanksgiving Holiday movie offering, which may be shrewd planning on HBO's part. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are leaning toward greatly reduced if not outright canceled Thanksgiving gatherings. Having something significant to do with what family you do gather with is a big "must," and movie outings with family are definitely a big part of Thanksgiving tradition. Since going out to movies isn't much of an option right now, any new movies offered at home are an instant commodity.

In addition to Melissa McCarthy and James Corden, Superintelligence co-stars Bobby Cannavale (Ant-Man), Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta), Jean Smart (Legion), Karan Soni (Deadpool), Sarah Baker (Big Little Lies) and Sam Richardson (Veep). The film is directed by Ben Falcone (aka Melissa McCarthy's husband) and was written by Steve Mallory, who has collaborated with McCarthy on The Boss, Life of the Party, Tammy, and Identity Thief.

In other words: this movie looks like the product of the McCarthy camp putting their heads together to come up with another high-concept comedy. Like McCarthy's other works, there's probably some deeper heart to the story - which is clearly visible as her character assess what is truly important in life, likely in a way that will help her overcome some kind of emotional hurdle that's been holding her back from living her best life. You know the drill.

Superintelligence Movie Trailer Melissa McCarthy

Here's the synopsis for the film:


Nothing extraordinary ever happens to Carol Peters (McCarthy), so when she starts getting snarky backtalk from her TV, phone, and microwave, she thinks she is being punked or losing her mind. In fact, the world's first superintelligence (Corden) has selected her for observation, taking over her life... with a bigger, more ominous plan to take over everything. Now Carol is humanity's last chance to prove that people are worth saving.

Superintelligence will be available on HBO Max starting on November 26th.