The Batman Reportedly Picking Up Production in September With One Major Change

Nearly every major film production was shut down in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, and studios are now scrambling to try and get things restarted. A movie like The Batman is an especially challenging production to get going during the pandemic, considering that it was being shot on location in England, and with hordes of extras. Warner Bros. clearly wants to make sure The Batman can get into theaters in 2021, so it's reportedly taking the same approach as Universal with Jurassic World. The Batman is going to be getting rid of its location-based shoots in favor of creating everything in a studio.

Reporter Kris Tapley took to Twitter on Monday morning to share the information that production on The Batman was set to get going once again in September. In the meantime, the sets will be built up in studios in order to facilitate director Matt Reeves' vision for Gotham City.

"Hearing The Batman picks back up in September," Tapley wrote. "All locations scrapped. Everything in studio now."

While some Batman films have been shot on locations in the past, others have successfully made the studio sets work. Tim Burton created his vision for Gotham in a studio and Christopher Nolan did the same in Batman Begins (though his other two films were shot in Pittsburgh). With that in mind, it's easy to see how Matt Reeves could make things work for his new project.

The Batman is a crucial film for Warner Bros. going forward, not just because it features the most popular character in DC lore. It was announced last week that Reeves had partnered with WarnerMedia to develop a TV series for HBO Max about the Gotham City Police Department, which will be directly connected to the world he builds in The Batman. Together, these projects will help launch a connected franchise of Batman-related storytelling.


At this time, Warner Bros. has yet to make any official announcement about The Batman's production restart. Hopefully some news on the film will come sooner rather than later. A good opportunity for an announcement could come during the DC Fan-Dome event in August.

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