The Dark Knight Rises Spoof: Batman Fears Girl Scouts

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With The Dark Knight Rises racking up big box office numbers, it has certainly attracted a lot of parody videos and spoofs. This latest Batman parody video from College Humor is something a little different. While the most often target in most recent parody videos has been Bane, the College Humor video actually features the Scarecrow. The parody seems to be based more on Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy entirely, rather than The Dark Knight Rises in specific. Oddly enough, the Scarecrow is the only Batman villain to be included in all three of Christopher Nolan's Batman films. The Batman vs. the Scarecrow video actually starts out like something that could legitimately been taken from one of Nolan's films. It's only when the Scarecrow releases his fear gas that things take an unusual turn. Apparently, Batman is not afraid of the same things as the rest of us, but instead his fears include girl scouts, sleeveless shirts, and Roomba.

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