The Little Mermaid Live-Action Remake Working Title Revealed

Disney is getting ready to dive into production on The Little Mermaid as a live-action remake of the original animated classic. Now, the working title for the production has been revealed, and it will operate under the guise of "Scallops." The film is scheduled for release in November of 2021. There has been no indication that the coronavirus pandemic which has put a temporary halt on all movie and television productions will have impacted that date. The film is expected to make the titular character a bit more powerful, with a young actress already having been cast in the role.

“Some of the updates they’ve done to the story are really important in terms of giving some more power back to Ariel,” The Little Mermaid's Sebastian actor Daveed Diggs said. “It’s fun to work on something that’s so intentional in the idea of ‘If we’re going to make this now, we’re not going to leave this alone as a time capsule.’ Let’s make it for now.”

The news of the production title came from Skyler Schuler, TheDisInsider's Editor-in-Chief, who revealed it on Twitter. See the tweet from the often-accurate all-things-Disney reporter below!

The Little Mermaid will star Halle Bailey as Ariel in the live-action take. While many are excited about this casting, the Internet's negativity also showed its ugly face when the news came out. Bailey, however, won't be bothered by any of that noise. Bailey told Teen Vogue, “We've always learned to just keep our heads up no matter the situation. No matter what anybody has to say about you...just keep pushing.”


When the news of the casting came out, Variety also had a sit down with the actress and she reiterated her excitement to be associated with this project. "I feel like I'm dreaming, and I'm just grateful." Bailey said. "And I don't pay attention to the negativity. I just feel like this role is something bigger than me, and greater, and it's going to be beautiful. I'm just so excited to be a part of it."

The Little Mermaid is scheduled to be released on November 19, 2021.