The Marvels Star Teyonah Parris Says Fans Helped Her Become Monica Rambeau

The Marvels star Teyonah Parris talked about how Marvel fans really inspired her to play a superhero. Essence brought multiple celebrities together for their Essence Hollywood House. During the presentations and panels, the WandaVision star explained how random Twitter users helped light the spark for her eventual MCU debut. Monica Rambeau, Wanda Maximoff and Agatha Harkness were some of the most popular characters in Phase 4 of this franchise. It's wild to consider that fans may not have gotten the hero at all if some Twitter users weren't fan casting at all. Check out what Parris had to say in front of that waiting crowd down below!

"I feel like it was the audience and the fans who did it in the first place," Parris began. "I had never heard of Monica Rambeau until people started tagging me on Twitter years ago saying you'd be adult Monica Rambeau. I'm like, Who's that? Because I wanted to be a superhero. 'Let me look her up,' and I looked her up and I'm like, 'Yes, I think so too.'"

She continued, "So, when it actually happened and manifested itself, I've been stunned and shocked. And, the fans have been so supportive and so loving. And I feel like it's them who actually helped to bring my dream. And yeah, my visions to life."

The Marvels Are Helping Each Other Ahead of the Big Premiere

The Marvels will see both Iman Vellani and Teyonah Parris make their returns to the MCU alongside Brie Larson. However, the youngest of the trio absolutely had some kind words about her mentors on-set. It's pretty wild to be getting sent up to the big leagues after this little lead-up. But, having both Parris and Larson in your corner made the younger actress feel like she could accomplish anything.

"If I'm having, like, an off day, or I'm really exhausted but powering through and not really taking care of myself, [Brie] will see that, and she will come up to me, and she will talk to me, and just make sure that I'm taking care of myself," Vellani told The Wrap. "Because you can get so, you know, overwhelmed and lost in this world, and just — there's so much being asked of us, and it's really important to kind of take a step back and see what you need in your environment to be able to do this work. Because we're doing like 10-14 hour workdays, in really uncomfortable costumes, and you know, it's very physically and emotionally demanding, and so it's just really nice that Brie and Teyonah kind of check up on me, and make sure I'm doing OK. And I feel like I do the same for them, but it's not, you know, at the same level!"

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