The Nightmare Before Christmas Is A Halloween Movie According To Director

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beloved holiday movie, but which Holiday? The matter has been up for debate for years. The film is a kind of holiday crossover, with the people of Halloween Town taking over Christmas duties from Santa Claus and the people of Christmas Town. So which Holiday is the film meant to be celebrating?

A young girl brought this question to director Henry Selick during a Q&A session at the Telluride Horror Show in Colorado (via Birth.Movies.Death), asking simply, "Is it a Christmas movie, or a Halloween movie?"

"Oh boy," Selick said, and followed that up with a definitive answer: "It's a Halloween movie."


Of course, that's just one person's interpretation, even if that person is the director. Some will embrace it – the film is about the Jack Skellington and the people of Halloween Town, after all – and others will continue to feel that its more appropriate for the Christmas season. To each their own.