Tim Allen Hints that 'Toy Story 4' is a Tear Jerker

If you're hoping for a reprieve from the utter emotional devastation left behind by Toy Story 3, don't expect the fourth installment of the franchise to leave you any better.

Tim Allen, known best to Disney fans as Buzz Lightyear, stopped by Fallon Tonight this week and used one, heavy word to describe Toy Story 4: emotional.

When Jimmy Fallon asked the actor about the highly-anticipated cartoon, whose trailer "blew up" upon its release earlier this month, the actor's excitement was palpable.

"[Tom] Hanks said it best, of course he always says stuff best... But the last scene of that movie, I couldn’t even get through it," Allen explains.

It's unclear how much more emotional a cartoon franchise about living toys is capable of getting, but considering the last one nearly ended with Woody, Buzz, and all of their friends burning to death (while poetically accepting their dark fate), it's safe to say we're going to need some tissues for #4.

If Tom Hanks is America's Dad, Tim Allen is its Uncle, and if brash Uncle Tim is feeling those emotions over the new movie's ending, it's pretty much a guarantee that the rest of us are going to be right down in the emotional mud, too.

Allen says the ending was so intense, he thought there was more to the script after he finished reading it. "It was so emotional," he explained, "It’s a 'Scarlet, I don't give a damn' moment." He is, of course, referring to the famous ending of Gone with the Wind.

While it seems utterly impossible to top Toy Story 3, if anyone can do it, it’s going to be Pixar. The company has been outdoing themselves since the first Toy Story was released in 1995. In fact, the studio has won 9 out of the 11 Best Animated Feature Oscars it was nominated for, most recently for Coco. The only reason the first two Toy Story films don't hold the title is because the title didn't exist yet.


When discussing the emotional ending, Allen rounded it out with: "Hanks says it, of course, better because he's, you know, Tom Hanks." He says Tom Hanks' name with a joking disdain, because it wouldn’t be Toy Story without a little good-natured rivalry between Woody and Buzz.

Toy Story 4 is set to hit theaters on June 21, 2019.