Todd McFarlane: Jamie Foxx "Has Never Wavered" on Spawn Movie Commitment (Exclusive)

Spawn fans have been hearing about a reboot of the Todd McFarlane comic property for years now and perhaps the most surprising thing about it is that Spider-Man: No Way Home star Jamie Foxx has remained attached to the film for the past four years. Speaking with at New York Comic Con, McFarlane opened up about the film's latest news (it just hired a pair of new writers to rework on the screenplay) but also confirmed that Foxx is still game to play the title hero in the reboot, and in fact calls him all the time about getting the project off the ground.

"I know that in all my conversations with Jamie, he's never wavered on being in this movie, actually, to the opposite, he leaves me messages all the time like 'Let's get going, man, come on man. The moments here we gotta strike. Let's go,'" McFarlane told's Brandon Davis. "We've been talking about this being a sophisticated movie, right? I mean, I've been up on stage going, I'm gonna write, produce, direct and here it is going to be. I've been pushing that on Jamie and he's sort of in that world."

McFarlane also addressed the addition of Scott Silver (Joker), Malcolm Spellman (Captain America: New World Order), and rising screenwriter Matthew Mixon to the creative team, noting their intentions for the film and its serious take on the Spawn material.

"The writers want to do something different. Let's leave it at that, they don't want to repeat (what anyone has done)," Todd added. "Nobody wants to do a $200 million dollars special effects strategy, that's not what Spawn is to any of us. So we want to do something that obviously is entertaining is visually interesting to look at, but, hopefully sort of leaves you with something when you walk away, that you can go, 'wow, that was that was a little bit deeper than I thought it was gonna be.' We'll see, we'll see if we can, the goal is to start a franchise. Not a Spawn movie, start a franchise so that we have multiple movies coming right behind it that will then eventually lead into the expansion of a Spawn universe."

Check back here for more news about the Spawn reboot as we continue to learn about it.