Tommy Wiseau Interested in Marvel or DC Role

You're tearing me apart, Martha!

The Room is widely regarded as the best worst movie of all time, and it's already cemented its place in cult movie history. Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed, produced, financed and starred in the infamous 2003 film, becoming a recognizable figure in the eyes of fans.

Now that The Disaster Artist, the movie about the making of The Room, is gaining popularity in theaters around the U.S., Wiseau has risen into the spotlight like never before. With casual fans seeing his face on TV, and interacting with him on social media, could this be the time that Wiseau moves into the world of bigger-budget blockbusters?

While speaking to one fan on Twitter, the disaster artist himself revealed that he's interested in a role in either Marvel or DC films.

"Whichever one hires me first," Wiseau responded to a fan who asked him which comic company he preferred.

Let's be honest, what actor wouldn't want to be involved in the superhero genre today? Marvel and DC films represent some of the biggest box office hits of 2017, with massive fan followings that extend well beyond the casual moviegoer. With that in mind, Wiseau's response isn't all that surprising.


When you really think about it though, wouldn't this be the only time Wiseau could realistically appear in one of these blockbuster franchises. Certainly no one is pulling for the guy to get cast as the next big superhero, but there is always room for quirky cameos. Why not utilize Wiseau, who probably isn't expensive to hire, and get one or two scenes of comedic relief from him?

If Marvel or DC ever decide it's the right idea, Wiseau will be waiting by the phone.