Tron Star Cindy Morgan Addresses "Save Yori" Campaign After Tron: Legacy Absence (Exclusive)

Tron star Cindy Morgan addressed the Save Yori campaign after her absence in Tron: Legacy. spoke to the actress at Walt Disney World's All The Disney Thrills event, featuring new attraction Tron: Lightcycle / RUN. In the shadow of that amazing new coaster, we talked about her absence from the sequel and looked ahead to Tron 3. Morgan heard all the cries for her character during the press run for the film. But, those decisions are unfortunately out of the actors' hands. Once the star uttered the words "Yori lives," everything kind of took on a life of its own.  As of right now, it's hard to think that they won't cater to the fans by bringing original cast members back. Who can really say what the future holds.

"Well, that happened... We were doing the press and people would say, and there was the Flynn Lives shirt because that was part of the script," she began. "I said, 'Okay, well, Yori lives' and it's high, and all of the sudden it was... I had a platform and I would just connect my page to Yori. Actually my page got hacked, it got really popular. But the fans took it over and they started talking about it. Then the press would say, 'Well, wait a minute.'"

She continued, "Finally, there was their interview in the San Diego Comic-Con and somebody got up in the middle of the press and said, "Is Cindy going to be in the movie?" I know the guy. That's a brave question to ask. I'd just sit and listen and they decided."

What's Going On With Tron 3?

The original stars of Tron Bruce Boxleitner and Morgan both seem to want to come back if the idea is on the table. When it comes to Tron Ares, the only real thing fans have to hang onto is that Hollywood Reporter piece saying that the movie is moving forward with Leto in-tow. Hopefully, some more information materializes soon. Here's what the stars had to say.

"I have no idea," Boxleitner told us at the park. "Really, and I'm being honest, and I wish them luck. I think it's high time they did do it. It's been a long time since Legacy already. And I think it's a re-imagining of it, a reboot. It needs that, and it needs it for a younger ... This generation…We did it for ours, but they need it. So, I'll always be associated with it. I was the first Tron."

"I'm always available because they kept it alive, so I show up and say, 'Thank you,'" Morgan said. "We just walked in there and it was like, 'Welcome to our home. Look at what we did. Remember that movie you did? We just put this all together. What do you think?'"

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