Pixar's Turning Red Teaser Trailer Revealed

Growing up is a beast. Watch the brand-new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s #TurningRed, coming [...]

Pixar is finally ready to give fans a closer look at its next anticipated project with the first teaser trailer for Turning Red, and it looks absolutely delightful. The new trailer starts out in a school as Mei attempts to get through class, but she is quickly faced with the situation every child dreads...their parent showing up at school. Actually, scratch that, the worst nightmare is your parent hovering outside of your classroom behind a tree and causing a scene, which unfortunately is exactly what happens, and that's when we see Mei transform into a giant Red Panda. You can check out the full teaser in the video above.

Someone from the school goes to ask Mei's mom what's going on and she starts pointing out her child is in the class, and that of course draws the attention of all of Mei's classmates and even the teacher. As the scene breaks out, Mei starts to transform, and then we see her as a Red Panda. She quickly bolts and starts to make her way home.

Mei starts moving across the rooftops as her mother tries to follow her from the ground below, and then Mei leaps across the street and the title hits the screen. We then see a bonus scene where Mei is attempting to calm herself, using brushes on her fur in a calming exercise. It works initially, as she transforms, but then when she gets excited about that very thing she transforms back into a panda.

Turning Red is the anticipated project from director Domee Shi, who wowed Pixar fans with the Oscar-winning and overall amazing short Bao as well as work on films like Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Toy Story 4. Turning Red follows a young 13-year-old girl named Mei, who is dealing with all the normal struggles of her teenage years and the body changes that come with it. That's challenging for anyone, but things are even more chaotic for Mei.

That's because Mei is dealing with something no other child has to, and that's turning into a giant fluffy red panda when she gets too excited. As noted in the first look during Disney's presentation, kids are excited...well, all the time, so this obviously introduces some challenges into Mei's life.

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