Two Ben Affleck Films Delayed To Make Room For Batman Movie?

Serving as Gotham's hero may be more of a task than Ben Affleck originally imagined.Warner [...]

Serving as Gotham's hero may be more of a task than Ben Affleck originally imagined.

Warner Brothers has moved the the release dates of two films involving Affleck. The Accountant, which is to be directed by Gavin O'Connor and star Affleck, has been moved from its January 29, 2016 date to October 7, 2016 and Live By Night, which Affleck is on board to direct, has been pushed from that aforementioned October 7, 2016 date to a to-be-announced 2017 date Deadline has reported.

While the following should still be dubbed speculation, the delaying of the Affleck-involved films seems to reiterate the rumor which spawned out of Deadline before San Diego Comic Con, entailing Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns teaming up to write a freestanding Batman movie for Affleck to direct and star in.

The movement could allow Affleck time to co-write a Batman film, which he would also direct and star in. If this is the truly the case, Affleck could notch at least four goes as the caped crusader in his utility belt in the next couple years seeing as Batman v. Superman debuts in March, followed by Suicide Squad in August and the first half of Justice League in November 2017. With almost a year between Suicide Squad and Warner Brothers/DC's next comic book movie release, Wonder Woman, a Batman film would be more than welcome between August 2016 and June 2017.

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